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Enspire leads the way to give Employers a secure code-free platform to bring employees safely back to work. Enspire Symptom Checker App integrates Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to help employees check symptoms AT HOME before returning to work to reduce employer risk and create a safe work environment for all.

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Symptom Check

Track Possible
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Enspire app experiences reduce your risk and give employees better access to take action.


Check Symptoms & Assign Actions

Avoid the risk of spreading symptoms by giving employees the Enspire Symptom Check app AT HOME before coming into your office locations. If you require employees to check symptoms every day to reduce risk of spreading COVID19, Enspire Apps provide a Symptom Check button that can be done from the convenience of home.

How the App Symptom Check Works

Employee Checks Symptom

Enter Employee ID and Location

Watch video from CDC on general social distancing and confirm to practice distancing.

Complete symptom check questionair

Assign Tasks, Videos and Actions

Track and assign Tasks, Safety Training, Videos and Actions. Enspire Apps have a code-free platform where you can easily add videos, checklists, training material or assign tasks for employees to complete as they come back to work.

Track Possible Cases by Location


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